For 30 years the J. J. Keller Foundation (JJKF) has supported the most vulnerable people in the Greater Fox Valley Region (Oshkosh to Green Bay).  JJKF strives to eliminate the causes and consequences of poverty to support the programs and organizations working closest to the needs in our communities.  Through grants, training and development, and convening critical partners, JJKF gives voice to the neglected to design and test solutions, eliminate barriers and inefficiencies in the systems.   To date, JJKF has awarded $70 million in grants throughout Northeast Wisconsin. 

JJKF exemplifies the grit and generosity of our founders, Jack & Ethel Keller.  The foundation is a private, family foundation founded on the recognition that “there is a Calcutta in your own back yard.” JJKF operates with a passion for making a difference. An early partner in the formation of the Basic Needs Giving Partnership to exemplify collaboration and embrace risk-taking alongside nonprofit and funding partners; founder of SILE (Social Innovation Leadership Experience); catalyst for the formation of collaborative organizations such as Catalpa;  Convener of key partners to create efficient solutions to address critical needs, such as the centralized distribution of free PPE for nonprofit organizations during Covid – the J. J. Keller Foundation is a leader in innovation and collaboration in the social sector.   

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