‘Stock The Shelves’ $30,000 closer to goal

November 27, 2011

APPLETON — It’s hard to top Thanksgiving and its food, family, friends and general good feeling for what we have and what we can offer to others.

But a local family has done that.

They’ll be dropping off a $30,000 check Monday at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region to give a very much appreciated last-minute boost to The Post-Crescent’s “Stock the Shelves” Do It! Community Challenge.

They’re doing it anonymously, as is allowed in all of our Do It! campaigns. But they are doing so in the spirit of generosity and giving back to a community that has helped them.

“Giving to ‘Stock the Shelves’ each year is our way of sharing some of our good fortune with the many families in our community who could use a little help this time of year,” they told me.

Amen. And thank you.

Two weeks ago, we extended our campaign by a week — to today — hoping to reach our $275,000 goal and give more hope and help to 22 Fox Valley food pantries. As of last Wednesday, before the unexpected $30,000 donation, we were at $205,608.

That anonymous gift, plus other donations over the weekend and uncounted donations from our credit union partners, will help us come much closer to hitting the goal. And credit unions have also collected about 3,000 food items to contribute to the cause.

Aside from matching donations from the J. J. Keller Foundation ($35,000), Express Convenience Centers ($30,000), the Fox Cities Chapter of Credit Unions ($25,000), the Mowry Smith Charitable Fund ($25,000) and The Post-Crescent Community Fund ($5,000); a $20,000 gift from the Victor and Christine Anthony Family Fund; and another $7,000 nonmatching donation from the Keller Foundation, more than 665 individuals have made donations to help this cause this year.

Every dollar makes a difference, every difference improves a life.

St. Joseph Food Program, in Menasha, will get half of the donations; it’s by far the largest food program in the Fox Cities and helps other nonprofit agencies. The other half of the donations will be divided equally among the other 21 food pantries.

We’ll tally the donations this week, and we hope to report a week from now that we’ve hit our goal.

To those who already have helped, thank you.

To those who will help today and tomorrow, thanks in advance.

Today is the last scheduled day to donate. You can still go online at the Community Foundation’s website (www.cffoxvalley.org) to contribute via credit card.

But if you want to show up at the foundation’s office (4455 W. Lawrence St., Grand Chute) on Monday with a check or money, I bet that would be OK, too.

We can be a little flexible for a good cause.